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    Announcing cubeSQL 5.5
    After several months of development we are proud to announce the immediate availability of cubeSQL 5.5. cubeSQL 5.5 is probably the most stable version we have ever released, it also includes several performance related changes that you’ll immediately noticed when compared to older versions. SSL support has been greatly improved and thanks to Tino […]

    Xojo cubeSQL plugin updated to 64bit
    Hello, as you know Xojo recently release version 2015.R3 with 64bit support. I am happy to announce that we have updated our Xojo plugin to be both 32 and 64bit compatible, you can find the latest version from: http://www.sqlabs.com/download/cubesql/CubeSQLPlugin.xojo_plugin.zip We also rebuild cubeSQL Admin application to be both 32 and 64bit compatible (using sources […]